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Nebraska Initiative – Statewide Courses

Since 1995, the community colleges of Nebraska have been involved in the Nebraska Initiative regarding statewide common courses. For the full history of the initiative, please refer to the agreement link listed below. The community colleges have increased the number of common statewide courses that are provided, what and how the courses will articulate and transfer to other colleges and universities, and an ongoing process for updating and assuring students that the coursework is up to date and accurate. Please see the link listed below for the Matrix of courses and their articulation. The links for the 3-year course review of all statewide courses, the course list, and each syllabi for those courses that have been approved by the Chief Instructional Officers are also below.

To view the Agreement, please click on the link.


3 Year Schedule:
To review the 3 Year Schedule, please click on the link.


To review the Matrix, please click on the link.


Course Syllabus:
To review the Course Syllabus, please click on the link.